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If the current home you are in was built prior to 1985, there is a very high probability that it contains materials with some asbestos in them. As a Melbourne resident with such a home and fear that you have found traces this horrible material, there is no need to panic. As long as it is in perfect conditions and free from damage, there is no need to worry.

The only moment it could pose a danger is when disturbed by sanding and abrasive tools, power tools, compressed air, high-pressure cleaning hoses etcetera, that it releases highly dangerous fibers into the air. On the other hand, a ceiling or wall cement in perfect conditions that has been painted over is perfectly safe and will pose no threat.

It is important to note that Australia has the highest rates of cancers related with this toxic substance and which include mesothelioma. Because of Australia’s large scale mining and because the most dangerous types – blue and brown asbestos, were used in the making of nearly all buildings before 1985, it not a wonder why the rate is so high.

This hazardous material was used to create wall, pipe, sewerage and ceiling insulation boards and to make cement. While well-maintained and undisturbed, it is completely safe; however, if the material shows sign of wear or deterioration, then it should be immediately removed.

If you notice any break or small damage on any piece, the best thing to do is to immediately wipe the affected area with a paper towel or dump cloth. Never use vacuum cleaners to clean asbestos materials as this will lead to the spread of its harmful fibers as they cannot filter all particles. For smaller cracks, seal them using paint until when something is done about the problem.

Hire a licensed assessor to assess the situation

When you suspect you have an asbestos problem in your home, the best thing to do would be to bring in a certified assessor to inspect the state of your home. From what they recommend, you can then decide on what you will do next. If your assessor suggest that removal is the only logical solution, then for your safety, it is important that you find and hire a licensed removal specialist.

While it is legally possible for any homeowner to handle the removal of the hazardous material in his/her home, it is not recommended because of the dangers associated with its removal, disposal, transportation and packaging. At the same time, air-borne particles do not just affect the person handling the task only, but everyone within the vicinity.

Loose asbestos pose the most danger and has to be removed by professional and licensed removalists. However, as per state guidelines, the removal of firmly bound types covering smaller areas can be handled by unlicensed specialists. Overall, it is advisable to go for licensed specialists for any task on any scale as they are always focused on safety and strictly adhere to the set government standards when handling
removal .

These are the steps that a professional and licensed asbestos removal specialist will follow when handling the task:


Before they start on the removal, a specialist will test each room’s air using unique equipment to try and find traces of asbestos fibers. With data collected, they then can determine which parts of the home are affected and will require removal.


The removal job should always be handled by trained experts wearing protective gear like gloves, respirators and coveralls. Once fully protected, the specialists move on to removing all hazardous materials present in walls, floors, ceilings and in any other affected areas like in insulation pipes or in adhesives used on flooring. For quotes on asbestos removal please visit our mother site at to get a quote on our services.


All removed material is then double bagged in very thick, clearly labeled polythene bags before being transported to designated waste facilities. Any traces found are then wiped and swept using rugs and brooms. After thorough cleaning, the supplies used to handle the cleaning itself are disposed in the same manner. In some instances, depending on the severity of the matter, the gear, which includes the respirators and clothing, is also thrown out too.

Apart from licensing, there are other key factors that one needs to consider when looking to hire a contractor:


Any professional removal company needs to have high quality work tools and protective equipment for efficient, effective and safe removal, transportation and disposal of asbestos. Protective gear they use should be in accordance to your states regulations and should include coveralls, gloves, respirators and goggles.

Quality of services

A reliable removal company is one that will offer initial testing and sampling to fully understand the type of asbestos used, monitor the quality of air and to measure the extent of damage through on-site computer analysis before moving on to handle removal and disposal.


It is also important that you look for a company with well-trained staff who have plenty of experience. No amount of studying can measure up to the level of experience one can attain by doing a task practically. Experienced crews are not efficient, but they are also the best option when it boils down to emergency and special circumstances. The right company will be able to handle asbestos removal in Melbourne with the least disturbance and release of fiber into the air.

Clear Bids

Another great way to hire the right Melbourne asbestos removal company would be to take up several bids from at least three qualified and licensed companies. Looking out for and considering references will also be important. Ensure that the companies you are considering have clearly defined the parameters of their job in their bids. On the other hand, if you find a bid that is quoting much lower than its competitors, completely avoid that company.

When it come to exposure to this harmful material, you can never be cautious enough. Even the least traces of the fiber could be extremely dangerous and possibly fatal. That is why you need to make sure that you hire the best removal company to handle the job.


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